Cogrowth Cohort: Spring Sprint!

Do you have an idea or a project you know you will move your business forward? But you feel stuck because you want to do everything? In this 6 week program, you will focus, plan, and GO.


"The Growth Cohort gave me the structure and strategy for setting goals and actually meeting them. I accomplished more in a few weeks on a major project than I had in 2 years." -- Mina Habibi, Portrait Artist


"Because of the Cogrowth Cohort, I was able to focus on a project that I had been wanting to accomplish but was always sidelined because of day-to-day issues. It really kickstarted me into self-examination of my offerings and what my specialties are as a branding photographer. I learned a process for tackling these seemingly overwhelming projects that is methodical and practical. And the weekly accountability kept me to task!"

--Melissa Maillett, Headshot + Personal Branding Photographer 

Spring Sprint with Us!

In this cohort, you will have the system to focus, prioritize, and plan your next steps -- and you will actually DO IT during the program.

As a CoGrowth Cohort member, you are part of an intimate cadre of women business owners like yourself. In addition to the power of accountability and sharing and supporting each other, we also have Business Coach and original BRowan Eric Byrd leading the way.

Goal: Prioritize, plan, and start implementing your big project/task within 6 weeks -- and move your business forward!

Dates: April 18 - May 27 (6 weeks)

Structure: Spend the 1st two weeks narrowing down your goal, and creating crisp, clear goals, milestones, and tasks. Then spend the final 4 weeks DOING. Each week will be a sprint week where you take action to make your big idea happen.

What You Get:

✔ Structure: Workbook, templates, schedule, samples, and weekly facilitated working sessions.

✔ Support: Business coach to provide guidance, advice, and individual "spotlight sessions".

✔ Accountability: A small, intimate cadre of women business owners who get it + cheer each other on.

A Look at the Weekly Schedule

Monday 2-4 PM: Working Session

Tues/Thursday 10-11AM: Power Hour (optional)

Friday 10-11AM: Reflection

Download THIS GUIDE for schedule details!



Early Bird Pricing: $597 (March 21-April 1)

Regular Pricing: $697


Early Bird Pricing: $547 (March 21-April 1)

Regular Pricing: $647

As part of the program, you will receive coaching from Rowan Tree content partner and business coach Eric Byrd, owner of Pitch for Success -- and so much more:


"This Cohort came at a time in my business when I had a lot of good ideas and I needed someone to help me prioritize them. I needed to be able to take actionable steps, to move forward. It gave me the confidence to try some new things."

--Amy Slenker-Smith, Simply Enough


"I joined this cohort to pull my business "to-do" list together and learn how to keep up with it --- and I'm so happy to report IT HAS DELIVERED! I love that we were set up to head in the direction of meaningful goals, yet the system is fluid and flexible enough to adapt when plans go in a different direction. The individualized coaching and examples offered during our group classes really brought the system to life for me. I'm excited to keep this system going to keep up with my life and business goals indefinitely!"

-- Diana Forbes, Live Like You Mean It

Each week includes a mix of facilitated sessions for training, working cohort sessions, and check-ins. The accountability and support come in through our fantastic Cohort conversations and in our Slack channel. To start? All you need to do is show up with energy and enthusiasm -- we will walk you through everything!

Why a Cohort?

As a cohort of established small business owners, each of us understands the joys and sacrifices of starting and nurturing a business which means we can receive and provide the kind of motivation and support we simply can’t get from books, evergreen courses, or friends and acquaintances just starting the small business journey. What’s more, participating in a cohort provides a powerfully supportive environment that fosters bonds that can last a lifetime. Think Friendship. Think Family. Think Sisterhood.


"One of the best things about this cohort was the accountability. If I did this by myself, in my home office and without the fabulous support that I get with this group, I wouldn't get anything done or nearly as fast or as efficiently. So this group really helped me focus on what I needed to focus on and actually get things done rather than just talking about them in circles."

-- Jen Monago, The Savvy Somm


"I've gained a lot of clarity. Instead of having this big list of things to do that don’t necessarily move me forward, in the first part of the cohort, Eric (Rowan Tree’s Cohort Business Coach) was giving us a lot of guidelines on figuring out where the business is and where we want to go. Narrowing down my clients and tasks has been mind-blowing…and adding to that, the accountability from this group has been amazing. It’s made all the difference to me.”

-- Ana-Rosa Zamora, Integral Coaching


Early Bird Pricing: $597 (March 21-April 1)

Regular Pricing: $697


Early Bird Pricing: $547 (March 21-April 1)

Regular Pricing: $647

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About the Facilitators

Kate Viggiano Janich

Kate is Co-Founder and Positivity Instigator of Rowan Tree, a coworking + cogrowth space focused on women, open to all.

An empathetic strategic communicator, Kate thrives in situations where she convenes people with many perspectives and facilitates shared understanding and solutions.

She is a RIVA-trained facilitator and has coordinated and facilitated numerous sessions within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, and National Science Foundation, as well as dozens of events through Rowan Tree and her grassroots organization, Together We Will NoVA. Her goal is to help participants share their ideas, opinions, and develop strategies to help them get to their goals in a supportive and easy environment.

She started out her career in the hospice field and has always had a passion for supporting and advocating for those who are more vulnerable. After the 2016 election, Kate co-founded Together We Will Northern Virginia, which became a 2000-member strong grassroots group and respected key player.

In combination with her 15+ years of project management and communications government consulting experience, Kate is dedicated to lending all her lessons learned and creating a space for women to reach their highest potential…and perhaps crack some glass ceilings along the way.

Kate holds a master’s degree in Health Systems Management from George Mason University. She lives in Fairfax, VA with her husband Miles, kiddos Finn and Tessa, dog Starbuck, and cats Dora and Taco. (It’s kind of like a zoo.)

Eric Byrd

Meet Eric! Rowan Tree mentor, content-partner, and long-time BROwan*, Eric Byrd has been telling stories of one kind or another for over 30 years. As an editor, producer and writer in television after college, as a salesperson for over 20 years in the video technology and IT world and as a business trainer, then coach, since 2010.

Making a study of how people communicate is as much a passion as vocation for Eric. He loves to understand what makes things, and people, tick. He loves sharing information with others to help create light bulb moments of inspiration and understanding for his clients. Eric thinks you can learn volumes by asking a dumb question and encourages his clients to explore, stretch and expand their limits at ever opportunity.

In 2015 he began working full time as a small business coach in Northern Virginia. Since then he has coached hundreds of businesses, new and existing alike. He never tires of helping small business owners be more effective, more intentional, and to help them understand their customers better. Eric is always asking ‘why’ about everything - which is something as business owners, we should all be constantly asking ourselves.

In October 2019 he launched the Adventures in Networking podcast, a show focused on referral networking and building relationships in business. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic he was coaching small businesses to navigate assistance programs and realized that normal business planning just wasn’t working in the extended ‘disaster’ conditions. He developed a system for extremely short term business planning called PACE and published the Reinventing Your Business Workbook to share it with the world. He plans to host a podcast to inspire small businesses by sharing stories from others just like them during turmoil in 2021. He is also working on a follow up edition to the Reinventing Your Business Workbook to focus on recovery once the public health crisis begins to abate.

Eric is frequently a speaker, sometimes an author and always a proud father and grandfather. His favorite activity is being silly for no reason with his grandson, Mason, while they have wild and wonderful adventures at his home in Leesburg, Virginia.

*BROwan is the term affectionately coined by one of our male Rowan Tree members to describe our Rowan Tree brothers. One of the distinctions of the Rowan Tree coworking community is, although we are proudly female-focused, our doors, hearts, and membership options are open to all.