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CoGrowth Cohort ~ Wait List

We are planning our next Cohort to start early 2022. Please fill out the interest form below and we will contact you when the details are ready!

What is a Rowan Tree CoGrowth Cohort?

Do you have a great idea to move your business forward? But you feel stuck because you want to do everything? At once?

As a CoGrowth Cohort member, you are part of an intimate cadre of women business owners like yourself. In addition to the power of accountability and sharing and supporting each other, we also have Business Coach and original BRowan Eric Byrd leading the way.

In this cohort, you will have the system to identify, prioritize, and plan your next steps -- and you will actually DO IT during the program.

We are planning our next Cohort to start early 2022. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you when the details are ready!

Currently In Progress: The Biz Goals Launchpad

Start Date: Nov 1

Length: 6 Weeks (with a Thanksgiving week break)

Structure: Spend the 1st two weeks narrowing down your goal, and creating crisp, clear goals, milestones, and tasks. Then spend the final 4 weeks DOING. Each week will be a sprint week where you take action to make your big idea happen.

Goal: Be ready to launch your big idea by the New Year -- and move your business forward!

Pricing: Sales Start October 4th!

Early Bird – 1st 2 weeks: $497 RT early bird / $547 non-members

Regular - $597 RT members / $647 non-members

If you are interested in joining or getting more info when we open it up, please fill out the form below and you'll be the first to know. (Plus, you'll get priority sign-up, space is limited!)

The cohort came at a time in my business when I had a lot of good ideas and I needed someone to help me prioritize them and to be able to take actionable steps, to move forward. It gave me the confidence to try some new things.

It created an environment for feedback, critical feedback. When as a business owners, you can feel stuck because all the ideas are swirling around in your head and you don't know which one to start with.

This Cohort helped me clear all that clutter from my space and helped me just to focus on the ones that I can take action on and that I can make progress on and would really make an impactful difference in my business.

- Amy Slenker-Smith

Simply Enough

One of the best things about this cohort was the accountability. If I did this by myself, in my home office and without the fabulous support that I get with this group, I wouldn't get anything done or nearly as fast or as efficient. So this group really helped me focus on what I needed to focus on and actually get things done rather than just talking about them in circles.

- Jen Monago

The Savvy Somm

I needed to move forward with projects and getting organized instead of grabbing for things here and there, and I needed a structure to do that in.

This structure took me from writing down a massive impossible goal to “Let me do this piece this week, and this next week,” and actually moving forward, instead looking at the massive goal and not doing anything.


- Mina Habibi

Portrait Artist

Owner, Tenth House Creative

There has been a lot of clarity. Instead of having this big list of things to do that don’t necessarily move me forward, in the first part of the cohort Eric (Rowan Tree’s content partner) was giving us a lot of guidelines on figuring out where the business is and where we want to go.

Narrowing down my clients and tasks has been mind-blowing…and adding to that, the accountability from this group has been amazing. It’s made all the difference to me.

- Ana-Rosa Zamora