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An 8-week program for entrepreneurs who want to learn

how to set goals that align with a broader strategy to move their business forward.

Rowan Tree is thrilled to introduce its newest Business Cogrowth Cohort in partnership with Tina Unrue, life/mindset coach and owner of Selfish Mama, and Jennifer Hocutt, business strategist and owner of J. Hocutt Group to bring you a program that we know will help many of you who…

  • Don’t know where to begin to effectively strategize your business goals
  • Have tried to strategize in the past, but weren’t able to remain focused and committed to the vision
  • Feel more reactive than you’d like to business needs and clients
  • Struggle to plan in a way that’s sustainable
  • Stress about where to even focus your efforts
  • Question whether your day-to-day efforts are moving the needle forward

If this resonates, we get it! We hear so many of you say you struggle with these things and we’re here to help.

The Strateganza Cohort is structured in a way that is holistic, effectively integrating #allthethings. This program essentially bridges the gap between your life and your business, because at the end of the day, we’re the common denominator. In order for us to feel successful in both life and business, it can help to take them both into consideration.

If you want different results, you gotta do something different.

💰 Members of Rowan Tree, DCfempreneur and The Sage Sisters: Enjoy $100 OFF REGULAR RATE! 💰


The Strateganza Cohort is a hybrid model program, using virtual platforms and in-person gatherings at Rowan Tree.

  • This 8-week program kicks off Thursday Feb 3, 2022 and ends Friday, March 18, 2022. Pre-work will be available Jan 24th
  • Participants will receive a workbook and access to a private FB group to help them prepare for the goal-setting workshop to be held at Rowan Tree on Thursday, February 3, 2022
  • Workshop will also offer participants the opportunity to create a vision board to creatively and visually represent their 2022 goals/plans
  • Participants will have an optional day of additional support at Rowan Tree on Friday, February 4, 2022
  • Post-workshop support will be provided via the FB group and Zoom to support participants with challenges and questions that inevitably arise in any new process

This work will begin as early as Jan 24, but can start as late as the day prior to the Feb 3rd in-person workshop at Rowan Tree. Sign up by January 19th for early bird pricing.


As a cohort of established small business owners, each of us understands the joys and sacrifices of starting and nurturing a business which means we can receive and provide the kind of motivation and support we simply can’t get from books, evergreen courses, or friends and acquaintances just starting the small business journey.

What’s more, participating in a cohort provides the type of powerfully supportive environment that fosters bonds that can last a lifetime. Think Friendship. Think Family. Think Sisterhood.


If you participate and are "all-in," you will leave this program with

a focused business strategy + goals for the year. PLUS:

  • 8-week program full of business and mindset strategies to help you create more focus in your business, without having to hustle
  • Access to a private FB group to participate in virtual learning, as well as to network, create meaningful relationships, and be held accountable and supported in your goals
  • A digital workbook and access to a variety of digital planning and scheduling tools to help you define your business goals using the program’s 4F Model
  • Access to both a life/mindset coach and a business strategist via regular FB group Lives, pre-recorded videos, and Q&A sessions to keep your momentum going and your feet to the fire
  • Attendance to a full-day workshop that’ll include two hours of goal-setting strategy instruction and up to 5 hours of dedicated and facilitated time to mapping out your goals for the year ahead
  • Additional full-day in-person support day after the workshop to complete your 2022 plan
  • Optional vision boarding activity to creatively and visually represent your 2022 goals/plans
  • A toolbox of strategies and methods to help you bridge the gap between work and life so that you can feel more supported and successful in both


💰 Members of Rowan Tree, DCfempreneur and The Sage Sisters: Enjoy $100 OFF REGULAR RATE!


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"One of the best things about this cohort was the accountability. If I did this by myself, in my home office and without the fabulous support that I get with this group, I wouldn't get anything done or nearly as fast or as efficiently. So this group really helped me focus on what I needed to focus on and actually get things done rather than just talking about them in circles."

-- Jen Monago, The Savvy Somm regarding Rowan Tree's Cogrowth Sprint Cohort

About the Facilitators

Tina Unrue

Selfish Mama

Tina is a certified life and mindset coach and the founder of Selfish Mama. She is dedicated to helping mothers prioritize and value themselves so that they can live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

From work/life balance struggles to a deep discontent she couldn’t shake, Tina knew something was missing but had difficulty putting her finger on what it was. Through lots of coaching and self-reflection, she realized that what was missing from her life was her. So she decided to abandon the selfless motherhood model for one that included more of her. That trajectory proved to be life changing.


Tina helps women create lives that includes more of them, not less. She also helps them connect the dots of their lives and to see each experience and relationship as building blocks to their own journey and sense of purpose.

Tina is a Certified Professional Coach and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner through iPEC. She is a mom and grandma, a perpetual student of life, a lover of coffee, and a stockpiler of pens and books. She’s also a connoisseur of too many carbs and curse words, but she’s working on both.

Jennifer Hocutt

J. Hocutt Group

Jennifer is founder of J. Hocutt Group, a company dedicated to upleveling people’s professional lives through leadership development, training, career and business strategy consulting, and lots of motivational butt-kicking.

She navigated a highly successful (but soul-crushing) career-building multi-million dollar regions within corporate healthcare. Realizing that, other than a good margarita and bottomless bowl of chips and salsa, helping others succeed topped her list of time well spent. It was her purpose. So she decided to go out on her own to live out her purpose on her own terms.

But don’t let her 5’2″ stature fool you – she packs a punch! She’s weathered all kinds of career tsunamis, the worst being stress-induced medical conditions. She’s made it to the “other side” and is ready to help you chart a better course to gain the success you deserve in your business.

Jennifer has an MBA in Organizational Leadership and has held many titles throughout her career, but her fave is Mom. She has two teenagers, loves White Chocolate Mochas and the Cleveland Browns.

Kate Viggiano Janich

Rowan Tree

Kate is Co-Founder and Positivity Instigator of Rowan Tree, a coworking + cogrowth space focused on women, open to all. Rowan Tree offers a suite of Cogrowth Cohorts, and we are thrilled to kick off this "Strateganza Cohort" in partnership with Selfish Mama and J. Holcutt Group!

An empathetic strategic communicator, Kate thrives in situations where she convenes people with many perspectives and facilitates shared understanding and solutions.

She is a RIVA-trained facilitator and has coordinated and facilitated numerous sessions within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, and National Science Foundation, as well as dozens of events through Rowan Tree and her grassroots organization, Together We Will NoVA. Her goal is to help participants share their ideas, opinions, and develop strategies to help them get to their goals in a supportive and easy environment.

Kate holds a master’s degree in Health Systems Management from George Mason University. She lives in Fairfax, VA with her husband Miles, kiddos Finn and Tessa, dog Starbuck, and cats Dora and Taco. (It’s kind of like a zoo.)